Company History


DecoPac began as part of McGlynn Bakeries, which started as a single retail bakery in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1919.

The company expanded, increasing the number of retail bakeries and in-store supermarket bakeries.


McGlynn's began an innovative approach to selling cakes by focusing on decorating cakes in view of consumers instead of in the back room.


McGlynn's was directly importing toys from Asia for cake decorating.


In the late 1970s, McGlynn's produced its first in-store book, The Magic of Cakes®, filled with colorful decorated cakes, making it easier for consumers to select and order cakes.


DecoPac was formed as an internal company supplying cake decorations to our own McGlynn's Bakery stores.

Soon other bakeries learned of DecoPac through industry associations, and DecoPac began marketing pre-packaged cake decorating kits, called DecoSets®, to supermarkets, retail bakeries and bakery distributors.


Since 1987, DecoPac has developed relationships and licensing agreements that give the company the right to market cake decorating products featuring popular characters from Disney, Nickelodeon", Mattel®, DreamWorks®, Marvel® and team logos from the NHL®, NBA, NFL, NASCAR®, MLB", and others.


DecoPac introduces the first Print-On-Demand PhotoCake® Cake Decorating System which allows bakeries to print images and photos onto edible sheets of icing and apply to cakes, cupcakes, cookies and more.

DecoPac continues to grow and expands into Europe with the acquisition of Culpitt, Ltd., the United Kingdom's largest cake decoration manufacturer and distributor. Culpitt manufactures cake boards, sugar fondant sheets, printed edible cake decorations and molded sugar cake decorations and sells to customers and consumers in the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.


Culpitt, Ltd. acquires Cake Art, Ltd., a distributor of cake decorations serving retail bakeries in the United Kingdom.


DecoPac launches, a website designed to connect with their local bakery to place cake orders online and provide bakeries another way to promote their business.


Culpitt, Ltd. acquires Sugarfayre, the leading producer of printed fondant in the UK.


Again, proving their leadership in bakery solutions, DecoPac launches Fondant DecoShapes and Printed Gum Paste.

Fondant DecoShapes pre-cut fondant shapes and strips designed to provide the upscale look of fondant while saving bakeries the time and labor associated with preparation and cutting. Printed gum paste utilizes patent-pending technology to deliver detailed designs not easily replicated by hand but unique and eye-catching to consumers.


DecoPac is signed as the master distributor of Lucks Food Decorating Company.


DecoPac introduces an updated version of The Magic of Cakes in-store book - The Magic of Cakes Kiosk.


DecoPac expands and begins to market DecoSets® and the wide variety of other professional cake decorating products direct to at-home cake decorating consumers.

Culpitt acquires The Craft Company to sell cake decorating products to at-home cake decorators in the Europe and beyond.

DecoPac begins distributing the premium quality Hygo", Hygo Max", Kee-Seal", and Kee-Seal ULTRA" brand pastry bags in the United States.


DecoPac acquires Bakery Crafts® bringing more than 150 years of combined bakery and cake decorating knowledge to customers across the globe.

Bakery Crafts is a marketer and distributor of high-quality cake decorations supplying retail bakeries, in-store supermarket bakeries, bakery distributors, cake and candy shops, and ice cream shops.