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Timesaving Ideas for Elegant Cakes

If I had one wish, it would be for more time. Between designing cakes for DecoPac, hanging out with friends and family, relaxing with my boyfriend, and playing with my two dogs, it’s hard to fit in everything I want to do. Sound familiar?

Since I can’t make more time, I decided to save it instead.

Saving time was my inspiration for these three classic cake designs. The smooth fondant and perfect roses create super impressive looks. However, I’ve streamlined the decorating steps with two timesaving products: SugarSoft® Roses and our new Pre-Sheeted Fondant. Not only do they deliver the ultimate in consistency, you’ll feel like you’re decorating in warp speed! 

For a down and dirty example for using our Pre-Sheeted Fondant – check out our How to Decorate with Pre-Sheeted Fondant video

Rosy Tiers

For this elegant cake, base ice 6" and 8" tiers, cover them in Pre-Sheeted Fondant and airbrush the bottom tier with Rose Gold Shimmer. The pearly cake bases feature three different sizes of White Non-Pareils. Simply mix them together in a bowl before securing them to the fondant with clear piping gel as an adhesive. Top the cake with three different sizes of Pink SugarSoft® Roses. I also airbrushed them with Rose Gold for extra shimmer and style. 

Timesaver Tip: Place your cake on a parchment-lined baking tray to catch Non-Pareils that don’t adhere. Then pick up the parchment and funnel the loose Non-Pareils back into your container. 

Edible Cake Decorations for Cake Decorators
Elegant and Simple Stacked Cake Design for Cake Decorators

Sugar Soft Roses Cake Decorations for Cake Decorators

Ring of Roses

Add this all-occasion design to your cake case for last-minute requests. Start by base icing an 8" round then cover it with Pre-Sheeted Fondant. Pipe a bead border and ring of greenery for the roses. For this cake, I airbrushed two different sizes of White SugarSoft® Roses in Violet, Purple and Neon Green—the White SugarSoft® is easily customizable to any color combination! Then place your roses on top and you’re done. 

 Timesaver Test: We asked two non-decorators at DecoPac to recreate this cake. Even without experience, both said it was super easy. As a pro, you’ll zoom through this one in no time!

White Sugar Soft Roses for Cake Decorations

Adding Colors to White Sugar Soft Roses with an Airbrush For Cake Decorations

Classic Rose Spray

Here’s another cake case essential. Base ice a 10" cake and cover it with Pre-Sheeted Fondant. Pipe a reverse shell border and a spray of greenery, then place three different sizes of Red SugarSoft® Roses on top. I added a Happy Birthday Layon to complete the look. This look is so versatile it would work for a graduation, anniversary or any special day.

Timesaver Tip: When you want red roses, using pre-colored Red SugarSoft® Roses ensures maximum consistency and color depth.

DecoPac Cake Decorator Profile Angie


Hey there, it’s Angie. Designing birthday cakes is super fun for me because birthdays are a huge deal in my world. In fact, my boyfriend and I don’t celebrate any other holidays. I’ve been decorating cakes for as long as I can remember. First with my Mom, who was big into cutting up sheet cakes into cool shapes and characters, and then in the pastry program at culinary school. I always wanted to work with food and make a living doing art, and that’s exactly what I get to do every day as a cake designer and decorator at DecoPac.