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When your airbrush gun is running at full speed, you’re ready for anything. Regular cleaning and maintenance is the secret to staying in the flow, especially during busy times like graduation.

Airbrush Maintenance Information for Cake Decorators

Airbrush Maintenance Information for Cake Decorating

How to Maintain Your Airbrush

Between colors: Water works great.

Rinse the color cup with water until airbrush runs clear, spraying out excess. Now, you’re ready for a new color.

When Day’s Done: Water + Cleaner

At the end of every day, use airbrush cleaner followed by water for a more thorough cleaning. Make it a regular habit to help prevent future hassles.

Airbrush Program

In order to service your airbrush equipment and help keep your system running smoothly, we offer a simple program to ensure your cake decorating equipment is always in good working condition.

Airbrush Guns

1. Our Customer Service Representatives are trained to service airbrush guns and associated parts, you can reach them at 1-800-DECOPAC for immediate assistance. They will assist cake decorators with proper cleaning techniques and minor adjustments. We encourage you to properly clean your equipment on a regular basis; if not we find most airbrush guns have the potential to malfunction. If this occurs, we are often able to resolve the situation through our in-house service. (NOTE: There is no charge for contacting our trained representatives)

Cake Decorating Airbrush Gun for Edible Cake Decorations

2. If you encounter more stubborn problems, send us the airbrush gun and or associated parts and we will rehabilitate and return your item within four to five weeks. We also offer reconditioned airbrushes in exchange for the same make and model. DecoPac and all other models will be rehabilitated or exchanged for a flat fee of $30.00.

Airbrush Compressors

If your compressor is not working properly and you cannot resolve the issue, please contact DecoPac directly at 1-800-DECOPAC for further assistance.

1. The manufacturer’s one year warranty is limited to defective parts or workmanship only. The manufacturer’s warranty may be void if general maintenance is not performed or is considered as a normal wear and tear.

 2. If it is determined that the airbrush compressor must be returned to the manufacturer for adjustment, we will issue a Fed Ex Call Tag for the return of the compressor as long as it is within the warranty period of one year from the date of the purchase. A copy of the purchased invoice is required to receive the service.

Cake Decorating Airbrush Compressor for Edible Cake Decorations

3. You will need to place an order if:

  • The compressor is not under warranty/is not returned in packaging to prevent further damage.
  • We are not able to service the compressor and/or provide a replacement.


Below are some common questions about the airbrushes we offer. For more information, fill out our contact form or call one of our DecoPac® Experts at 1-800-DecoPac.
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Can I submerge my airbrush in water to clean it?

No, the airbrush cannot be submerged in water or it will rust. The front two pieces of the airbrush and the needle can be removed and cleaned using hot water or DecoPac CleanAir® solution. Submerging an airbrush voids the warranty.

Can I put paste or gel colors in my airbrush?

No, only use airbrush colors, no pastes or gels.

My airbrush is running but nothing is coming out. What could the problem be?

Check your airbrush for common issues:

  • Has it been assembled correctly and are all the pieces present?
  • Is the correct needle in the airbrush? Is it bent or damaged?
  • The needle should be pushed all the way forward and move with the trigger.
  •  Use airbrush colors, not gels or pastes.
  •  Is the airbrush clean?

Need help with your airbrush gun or associated parts? Call Customer Service at 1-800-DECOPAC (1-800-332-6722).