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Technology for Cake Decorations and Supplies

Drive sales in your bakery and grow your business with ease.

Gain more customers in your bakery with industry-leading digital technologies such as DecoPac’s PhotoCake® Print on Demand Solution, The Magic of Cakes® Kiosk, and online ordering software. In-store technology helps your bakery grow while saving time. The PhotoCake Print on Demand Cake Decorating Solution makes it easy for you to customize cakes in an instant! And in-store kiosks and online ordering software make it easy for consumers to orders cakes anytime and anywhere.


Our industry-leading solution allows you to deliver personalization, offer brands consumers want, and always be in stock. Differentiate your cake case with an assortment consumers can’t resist.

PhotoCake Technology for Cake Decorations

Online Cake Ordering Technology for Bakeries

Easily set up and customize online cake ordering for your bakery. drives consumers to your bakery without the hassle of maintaining your own website.

The Magic of Cakes® Kiosk

Reduce consumer wait time and increase bakery production with our in-store web application. The Magic of Cakes kiosk allows consumers to order in-store, online or from their mobile device 24/7.

In-store Cake Ordering Technology