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Challenge Accepted: Gum Paste 3-Ways

I love thinking outside of the box - tossing up ideas and seeing what sticks. So when a challenge to get creative with Gum Paste was issued, I was all in!

The goal was to feature our Gum Paste Curls, Gum Paste Stars and Gum Paste Tassels for three different occasions: birthday, baby and graduation.

But frankly, these everyday gum paste products are so fun and versatile they’re great for any celebration and dessert format. Use them to create a design from scratch or add them as upscale accents. Either way, you’ll save time and impress customers.

Here’s how I conquered the ‘Gum Paste 3-Ways’ challenge:

Gum Paste Stars, Curles, Bows

Good Vibes Birthday

On-trend neons and primary colors amplify the impact of this Good Vibes Birthday cake. Bright pink drips and multicolored tiers are accented by vibrant Gum Paste Curls and Gum Paste Stars for serious party pizzazz. As a statement piece, the big, multicolored, Gum Paste Bow delivers a flawless finish.

Gum Paste, stars, curls, bows, 2 layer cake
Gum Paste, curls, stars, bows on side of cake

Check out how basic donuts quickly turn into over-the-top treats when iced in trendy colors, topped with confetti sprinkles and embellished with vibrant stars and curls. Office birthdays just got more exciting, thanks to colorful creativity.

Gum Paste, Gum Paste, Stars, Curls, Sprinkles

Oh, Sweet Baby

Use this quick smear technique for easy multicolored icing use: Dot the cake with colored icing, drag your scraper around the cake, and presto! To create a celebratory swag, simply pipe a rope to connect the Gum Paste Tassels. It’s a fast way to get a fabulous look.

Blue Gum Paste, upright curls, curls, bow
Gum Paste, Upright Curls

Our everyday Gum Paste pieces are lightweight, so they’re a perfect for show-stopping cake sides. Or stand the Gum Paste Curls on end for instant

visual interest. To complete this baby cake, I topped it off with a Gum Paste Bow, upright curls, and an Oh Baby! Candle Holder that also works as a standalone cake decoration.

The corresponding baby-themed cupcakes extend the blue motif by featuring soft blue piping, a royal blue Gum Paste Bow and sky blue Gum Paste Curl. Try it in other color combinations, too. It’s an easy design that looks awesome in the bakery case.

Gum Paste, Bow, Curl, Cupcake

A+ Grad Party

A Gum Paste Tassel is a must-have for this mortarboard cut from black fondant. Adding a diploma layon celebrates the grad’s achievement while Gum Paste Stars reinforce the shining future ahead. Matching school colors is a breeze both our Gum Paste Tassels and Gum Paste Stars are available in assorted colors and white.

Gum Paste, Graduation, Stars, Cake

For cookies and small treats, our gum paste curls are like ribbons of decorating fun. See how they dress up these simple G-R-A-D cookie cutouts? You get extra credit without a lot of effort.

Gum Paste, Sprinkles, Curls

A note to reader: Gum Paste is not edible due to hard, brittle texture, but is safe for food contact. Do not eat.

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Hey there, it’s Angie. Designing birthday cakes is super fun for me because birthdays are a huge deal in my world. In fact, my boyfriend and I don’t celebrate any other holidays. I’ve been decorating cakes for as long as I can remember. First with my Mom, who was big into cutting up sheet cakes into cool shapes and characters, and then in the pastry program at culinary school. I always wanted to work with food and make a living doing art, and that’s exactly what I get to do every day as a cake designer and decorator at DecoPac.