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Creative Ways to Use PhotoCake®

PhotoCake Master Class

A simple tool in the right hands can produce amazing results. Consider Picasso using a paintbrush versus the average six-year-old. Big difference, right?

That’s how I feel about PhotoCake. It’s great for helping new Cake Decorators produce advanced looking cakes, but in the hands of a seasoned pro, PhotoCake unlocks powerful creative potential. Ready to see PhotoCake with fresh eyes? Your master class begins now.

Duotone Drama

For this triple-layer six-inch cake, I started by printing a black and white floral image on a full sheet of PhotoCake media. Then I used Princess Pink airbrush for a duotone effect that’s super dramatic and incredibly simple to create. I airbrushed the cake top black, surrounded the cake with black Fondant Strips, and added extra dimension using a Gum Paste Briar Rose airbrushed with Princess Pink.

Pink Flower Pedestal Cake Stand

Lovable Locket

Sometimes you have to flip something on its head to see new possibilities. When I took a fresh look at our Gum Paste hearts, I realized I could put two together, add Gold airbrush to the outside and inside edges to create a Mother’s Day locket. In this design, the locket holds PhotoCake Images of Mom’s biggest fans. The locket could easily contain a special message for a unique proposal. Light pink buttercream icing covers the cake, and mixture of multi-sized pearls creates the elegant, textured border. Using white candy pearls, I created a faux necklace for the locket.

Pink Cake, Mothersday

Plaid Perfection

This winter-themed masculine cake illustrates how you can use one piece of PhotoCake to cover two cake tiers. I printed our Red Check Plaid Deer PhotoCake Image onto a full sheet of media, then cut out the silhouette. Our bark impression mat made it easy to replicate a snow-covered tree stump for the textured bottom tier, and I used Pearl Shimmer airbrush on both tiers for a sparkly snowflake effect. Then I applied the Plaid Deer PhotoCake Image to both tiers, masking where the image cascades onto the bottom tier with a Gum Paste bow.

White Layered Cake Plaid Deer Bow


Geometrics are hot, especially for modern wedding cakes. This design softens the angles of the square tiers and hexagon tiles with our Gum Paste Blossom assortment in Guava and Neon Purple airbrush and a floral PhotoCake Image.

White Blue Layer Cake Flowers

Here’s how I created this upscale wedding cake: The top and bottom tiers are covered in white fondant and the middle tier is covered in navy fondant. All three tiers got a glam treatment with Silver Shimmer airbrush. For the mosaic tiles, I started by printing the floral image on a full sheet of PhotoCake media. Then I flipped the image over and covered the reverse side with individual hexagon Shimmer DecoShapes®. I cut out each hexagon shape, creating six-sided tiles that contained the entire PhotoCake Image. I reconstructed the image by placing the hexagon DecoShapes on the cake tiers. This design may take a little longer to accomplish, but the end result is show stopping.

PhotoCake isn’t just for beginners - Try it today to inspire your own original masterpieces. 

Decorator Profile Angie


Hey there, it’s Angie. Designing birthday cakes is super fun for me because birthdays are a huge deal in my world. In fact, my boyfriend and I don’t celebrate any other holidays. I’ve been decorating cakes for as long as I can remember. First with my Mom, who was big into cutting up sheet cakes into cool shapes and characters, and then in the pastry program at culinary school. I always wanted to work with food and make a living doing art, and that’s exactly what I get to do every day as a cake designer and decorator at DecoPac.