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How to Ace This Graduation Season

If you’re a seasoned decorator, you know graduation is the biggest, busiest season in the bakery. Did you also know 3.6 million students expect to graduate from high school this year? What a fabulous opportunity! Obviously, your bakery can’t accommodate 3.6 million orders—especially not on the same day—but my goal is help you,and your bakery, handle as many orders as your heart desires.

To kick things off, review our graduation product guide for the latest designs & touches. Compare your inventory against last year’s to gauge decorations and supplies needed.

Next, let’s talk about tools. You wouldn’t head out on a long road trip without getting a tune-up and filling up the tank. Think of graduation as the road trip, and your PhotoCake® System and airbrush as the vehicles to get you where you’re going. Maintenance is essential throughout the journey. And, you don’t have to go it alone. Check out these two video tutorials to guide your way.

DecoPac Cake Decorator Tina


Hey there, I’m Tina. I caught the cake decorating bug early by helping my Mom. She wasn’t great at making rose – even Dad’s were better – so I kept practicing until I was the best rose maker in the family. Soon I started creating cakes for friends and family, and eventually worked as a cake decorator and Team Lead in Bakery at Super Target. Now I work at DecoPac as a cake decorator and designer supervisor, leading a team of cake decorator, designing cakes, and sharing tips in tutorial videos. I’m completely self-taught, and enjoy learning from other cake decorators.