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This Birthday Cake Trend is Off The Chain

“Hooray! Yay!” That’s what my inner child is saying about these over-the-top birthday cakes. “Yes!” to the bold, bright colors. “More, please!” to the drips, sprinkles, glitter, SugarSoft® flowers and Gum Paste shapes. 

For birthdays, the Inner Child trend oozes playfulness, energy and escape. It’s about crazy, carefree cakes that recreate the silliness and wonder of being a kid. Looking at these cakes makes me really, really happy. They remind me of when I was five years old and my Mom brought me a cake and I thought, “Oooh, look at all the sprinkles, candy, plastic balloons and candles—I’m in heaven!”

Birthday Cake Decorating Trends for Cake Decorators
Number 5, Striped, Specialty, Spiral and Shaped Candles

Drip Cake Trend Ideas for Cake Decorators
Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas for Cake Decorators

Edible Cake Decorations for Cake Decorators

To help you rock this trend with speed and ease, we’ve created an inner-child-approved, ready-to-place product that looks totally custom. Our new, premade Multi Colored Bursts wrap up multiple colors and multiple products—including Gum Paste curls and a center carnation— into one, big cluster of colorful fun. Another one of my favorite new products is our new scripted candle holders featuring celebration messages in a stylish, scripted font. Use any or all to get you started, and I promise, you won’t look back. 

These extravagant, freestyle combinations are perfect for any age group and totally excite me. But, I get where you may be coming from. As professional decorators it’s easy to get stuck thinking cakes need to be a certain way—with bottom and top borders and something nice on top. That’s great most of the time, but sometimes you need to step out of the box. To create eye-popping, smile-making masterpieces, loosen up and let whimsy be your guide.

So what do you say, are you ready to come out and play? The Inner Child trend offers endless cake possibilities to help customers escape the seriousness of adulthood and enjoy a truly carefree happy birthday. And frankly, I think that’s one of the best things about our jobs, don’t you? “Best Day Ever?” Absolutely!

Stacked Birthday Cake Decorations for Cake Decorators
Stacked Birthday Cake Design Idea for Cake Decorators

Birthday Cakes 5 Rules for Decorators

DecoPac Cake Decorator Profile Danielle

About the Decorator

Hey there, I’m Danielle. I started decorating cakes with my Grandma when I was six years old. It was a fun hobby we enjoyed together. As I got older, I dreamt of going to art school or becoming the next Alicia Keys, but when I was sixteen my Grandma passed away. So when the Cordon Bleu came into my home ec class, I thought. “That’s it. I can still be an artist, and take the Bubba with me the whole time.” That’s why I love being a cake designer and decorator at DecoPac—I get to create amazing, edible art with my Grandma smiling over my shoulder.