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Go Nuts with Donuts!

Do you ever wonder who thinks up the special days we celebrate? Well, National Donut Day started in 1938 as a fundraiser for Chicago’s Salvation Army to honor its “Donut Lassies” who served donuts to U.S. troops during World War I. Pretty cool, huh? And, since this year is the 80th anniversary of National Donut Day, you definitely want to feature donut-themed creations in your bakery the week leading up to Friday, June 1.

Here at DecoPac HQ, my decorating team is always looking for fresh ways to express our creativity and inspire fellow Cake Decorators across the country. With National Donut Day fast approaching, I realized it was the perfect occasion for a little team challenge. Angie and Danielle were totally up for it, so we hit the cake boards excited to go nuts with donuts.

Here’s what happens when three cake decorators take on one trend:


Colorful iced donuts are sprinkled with multicolor non-pareils and stacked into tiers. Icing piped down the center stabilizes the donut stack, while the finishing flourish creates a base for the “Hooray” candleholder and candles.

Stacked Donuts Cake Design for Cake Decorations
Donut Cake Decorations


For die-hard donut lovers, it’s the ultimate cake. This colorful extravaganza pulls out all the stops to celebrate National Donut Day with our Donut PhotoCake® Image Strips and new Confetti Donuts DecoSet®. For a truly over-the-top look, decorate with products typically used on donuts. Here, donut icing drips like a dream, Rainbow Sprinkles and Non-Pareils encrust a full tier and rich, buttercream icing adds playful polka dots.

Confetti Donut DecoSet® for Cake Decorators
Extreme Donut Cake Decorations for Decorators
PhotoCake® Donuts Image Strips for Cake Decorations

Your customers will love the new Confetti Donuts DecoSet®—it’s a ring toss! Launch the donut discs into the donut hole for a fun after-cake game.



This beautiful mini drip cake turns brightly iced donuts into cake decorations, as a cake topper and accent. A drizzled donut adds extra pizzazz while the mini donuts beg to be plucked off and enjoyed. (I wanted to, but didn’t.) Our Unicorn Fusion Sprinkle mix finishes off the look with a whimsical, vibrant texture. 

Drip Cake and Donuts Cake Design Ideas for Cake Decorators
Drip Cake and Donuts Cake Design Ideas for Cake Decorators


Hi, I’m Tina. I caught the cake decorating bug early by helping my Mom. She wasn’t great at making roses, even Dad’s were better, so I kept practicing until I was the best rose maker in the family. Soon I started creating cakes for friends and family, and eventually worked as a cake decorator and Team Lead in Bakery at SuperTarget. Now I work at DecoPac as a cake decorator and designer supervisor, managing a team of cake decorators, designing cakes, and sharing tips in tutorial videos. I’m completely self-taught, and enjoy learning from other cake decorators.