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Big Trends to Keep Your Bakery On Track

How can you know which trends will surprise and delight your customers? Just look to DecoPac. We strive to make exciting products every day because we believe everyone deserves a treat. That’s why we developed an abundance of new trend-forward product innovations – fit for every age, for every customer and every celebration!

By combining consumer research with the hottest design ideas, we’re making it even easier to create these on-trend cakes. This allows you to embellish your cakes and decorate with purpose.

I’m super excited about our new decoration kits – they feature multiple products forms, so you can mix and match with total flexibility and unlimited creativity. Decorate a cake with all the pieces or just a few – it’s up to you.

White Cake with Flower and Cactus

Blue Cake with Pink Flamingo
Tiered Cake with Blue Strips and Flamingo

From the runway to home furnishings, geometrics and tribal patterns are showing up everywhere. Be sure to capture this look in your cake case too. Need a creative jumpstart? Try the ombre tribal pattern of our Fondant Midtown Global Kit, our bold Sweet Décor™ Fondant Triangles and delicate Origami Flowers.

Side Cake with Triangles
3 Candles in Frosting
Cake with Candles and Triangles on Side

Corner Cake with Yellow Roses
Side Cake with Pattern Shape

White Cake with Yellow Roses and Patterns

Sophistication and luxury are always in style, so we infused elegance with timesaving ease. You’ll love the convenience of our Fondant Sheets in Dreamy Marble Print. Simply trim to fit and wrap. Geometric DecoPics® in metallic gold add shimmering dimension. They also make upscale skewers for donut holes or dessert bites. Want indulgent accents that look and taste great? Choose our custom printed sheets of Dobla® chocolate—a DecoPac exclusive.

Cupcake and Frosting with Marble print
Tiered Cake Forever Young Candle and Geometric Shapes

Side Cake with Geometric Shapes
Forever Young and Candles

Upscale Skewers in Donut Holes

Positivity, neon brights, culture blending, and 80s style, including Memphis Design, add high energy and mega appeal to your cake designs. Our custom Dobla® Chocolate Good Vibes Kit is a great place to start. Pro tip: Chocolate curls only stick to fresh buttercream. Work quickly before it sets.

Good Vibes Cake with High Energy Designs and Chocolate
Side Cake Chocolate and High Energy on Top

Cosmic intrigue and celestial wonder are exploding with opportunity. These stargazers are searching for decorated cakes that reflect their obsessions with the night sky, galaxies and astrology, like this Zodiac Sign PhotoCake® Image paired with our Cosmic Skies Fusion Mix.

Zodiac Sign PhotoCake
Side Cake Cosmic Skies Fusion Mix Sprinkles

We’re excited to help fill your cake case with the trends bakery customers crave. Watch for more new products and design ideas in the months ahead.

Decorator Tina


Hi, I’m Tina. I caught the cake decorating bug early by helping my Mom. She wasn’t great at making roses, even Dad’s were better, so I kept practicing until I was the best rose maker in the family. Soon I started creating cakes for friends and family, and eventually worked as a cake decorator and Team Lead in Bakery at SuperTarget. Now I work at DecoPac as a cake decorator and designer supervisor, managing a team of cake decorators, designing cakes, and sharing tips in tutorial videos. I’m completely self-taught, and enjoy learning from other cake decorators.