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Wedding Cakes From Design to Delivery

You know how excited brides-to-be are? That’s how I felt about helping to create these wedding cakes designs. As the newest member of the DecoPac design team, this was my first year working on the Wedding program. And, like most weddings, it involves lots of people, planningand collaboration. But it was super fun, too!

One of my favorite things about this year’s program is the way it allows different personalities to shine. Our trend experts are amazing at uncovering what bakery consumers want. They sift through piles of research. They follow cutting-edge industries, like fashion and design, to see what’s on the horizon. They use social media listening to better understand what consumers are talking about, liking and sharing. This year’s insights identified wedding trends that we translated into four distinct color palettes— Urban, Tropical, Nature and Adventure—to reflect the lifestyles of today’s couples. 

Research for Wedding Cake Decoration Trends
Watching Wedding Cake Trends for Cake Decorating

Research in the Real World: Walking the floors of trade shows and expos, we discover what’s popular and imagine what’s possible.

Trend Watching Turns Tactical: We compile Trend Reports for our team to keep customers ahead of the competition and in line with consumer demands.

DecoPac Team Collaboration for Wedding Cake Program

Collaboration Fuels Creativity: Our internal team of trend experts, product developers and designers work together to establish this year’s wedding program.

Urban Wedding Trends for Cake Decorations
Tropical Wedding Trends for Cake Decorations
Nature Wedding Trends for Cake Decorations
Adventure Wedding Trends for Cake Decorations

Urban’s metallics mirror the sophistication of the sleek city vibe. For beach loving couples, Tropical vibrates with exotic excitement. Nature’s subdued shades bring scenic beauty to a couple’s special day. Adventure’s bold tones convey a couple’s free-spirited individuality. Use a combination of pre-mixed colors and color mixing to achieve exactly the palette a couple desires. Recipes equate to number of drops of icing per cup of icing.

Decorator Profile Angie


Hey there, it’s Angie. Designing birthday cakes is super fun for me because birthdays are a huge deal in my world. In fact, my boyfriend and I don’t celebrate any other holidays. I’ve been decorating cakes for as long as I can remember. First with my Mom, who was big into cutting up sheet cakes into cool shapes and characters, and then in the pastry program at culinary school. I always wanted to work with food and make a living doing art, and that’s exactly what I get to do every day as a cake designer and decorator at DecoPac.