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Top Pinterest Cake Trends for the Bakery

How do you turn a “trending” Pinterest-style cake into reality in the bakery setting? As a Cake Decorator, it can be challenging to recreate the look of a customer’s favorite Pinterest cake design within his or her timeframe and budget. But have no fear, that’s why I’m here.

Inspired by Pinterest’s top cake trends, I created cake designs that are feasible to achieve thanks to a few products and timesaving tips. Best of all, they look fabulous! 


Here are three different, and easy ways, to create cakes featuring the drama and depth of celestial galaxies. 

For this Night Sky cake, I base iced a triple layer 6” round, and placed a cookie cutter on top to mask out a moon before adding Pink, Blue and Purple airbrush. Then I sprayed over those colors with Black airbrush for depth and the inky sky effect. I removed the cookie cutter, sprayed the entire cake with Pearl airbrush and before it dried, I used the stickiness to attach Star Dec-Ons®, Non-Pareils and Candy Pearls to reflect distant stars and planets. If your customer is really into astrology, you could also use the Non-Pareils and Pearls to create zodiac constellations on this cake.

This celestial square cake gets its rich color depth by applying pink, blue, purple and black icing using a smear technique. Edible glitter and Star Dec-Ons® cascade from the top left to bottom right. The center flower is made from piped dollops while Blue Slim Glitter Candles add height and dimension.

Create this galaxy celebration cake by enrobing a double layer 8” round in a galactic mix of sprinkles. I combined blue, purple, pink and black sprinkles with white and black sanding sugars, edible glitter, white Candy Pearls and Non-Pareils and applied the mixture to the base iced cake. 

 Timesaver Tip: For easier clean up, place your cake on a sheet pan before adding the sprinkle mix. I piped rosettes in the center, sprinkled more edible glitter on top, then added a “9” candle and black and silver Gum Paste stars. This is a super easy way to get that galaxy look without having to do time-consuming techniques.

Monograms & Numbers

Two-layer monogram letter and number cakes are easy to create from a half sheet cake. Simply divide the cake into quarter sheets and sculpt the desired shape, either freehand or from a paper template. As naked cakes with light whipped topping, these cakes are perfect for birthdays, bridal and baby showers, anniversaries and other special occasions. 

The decorations offer supreme versatility. For grown up cakes, feature Gum Paste Flowers, Tulle Pom Poms, fruit, mini cookies and even macarons, anything you have on hand. It’s a great use of leftover or extra products. Add signature products to convey the celebration theme like I’ve done here with the Crown and Scepter DecoSet® and Oh Baby! Candle Holder with “It’s a Girl” Cupcake Rings

For kids’ birthdays, go playful, colorful and indulgent—I call this cake “Sugar City.” Tinted whipped icing is topped with a bright assortment of Gum Paste Curls, Balloons, Stars and Bows. There are Dec-On® Unicorns, Ice Cream Cones, Rainbow Bursts and tiny Donuts. It’s got cotton candy, gum balls, Candy Pearls, mini cookies, mini donuts, and of course plenty of sprinkles, too! A Gum Paste Happy Birthday adds the finishing touch.


This wedding cake combines the painted, script and brush stroke trends into one stunning look. For the bottom tier, I mixed mostly white fondant with a little bit of black to organically achieve tones that create a painted or marbled effect. The middle tier adds personalization with scripted text printed on PhotoCake® Strips. Here you could feature the names of the bride and groom, wedding date, snippets of the vows or any special message the couple desires. For the top tier, I created a unique texture by enrobing the base iced cake with edible glitter, and for depth I used an #8 Decorating Tip to encircle lines of icing around the cake that I also covered in edible glitter. The brush strokes are made from white chocolate spread onto parchment paper with a pastry brush. Once dried, they become the on-trend accent for a white ruffled Gum Paste Peony, sprayed with Pearlescent Gold airbrush.


Tap into the succulent trend with a cake designed to reflect a city rooftop garden. To achieve the textured, stone-look of the cake, I added Black Sanding Sugar to gray buttercream icing. For the succulent garden, I “planted” two sizes of Gum Paste Succulents, and surrounded them with piped mini cacti in two shades of green and pink rosettes to represent cactus flowers. The corresponding cupcakes feature Gum Paste Mini Succulents in Green and Blue with piped cacti and a piped cactus flower.

The secret to delivering great cakes based on Pinterest-style trends is to first clarify your customer’s expectations. Especially if their desired look is unrealistic due to time and budget. It helps to ask a customer what she loves about a cake, then find ways to capture that essence. And my best advice, especially to new Cake Decorators, is to not be daunted. With some easy-to-use DecoPac products and simplified steps you can create cakes your customers will happily pin to their own Pinterest boards.


Hey there, I’m Danielle. I started decorating cakes with my Grandma when I was six years old. It was a fun hobby we enjoyed together. As I got older, I dreamt of going to art school or becoming the next Alicia Keys, but when I was sixteen my Grandma passed away. So when the Cordon Bleu came into my home ec class, I thought. “That’s it. I can still be an artist, and take the Bubba with me the whole time.” That’s why I love being a cake designer and decorator at DecoPac—I get to create amazing, edible art with my Grandma smiling over my shoulder.