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For Nature-Inspired Cakes, Our Tree Bark Impression Mat is a Must-Have

When I look closely at the beautiful intricacies of nature, I’m always amazed and awed. That’s why I’m not surprised customers love cake designs inspired by nature. However, recreating authentic-looking, natural elements to decorate a cake can be time-consuming, even for highly skilled decorators.

So what’s a nature-loving decorator to do?

Nature Layered Cake

Find the right tools for the job, like our Tree Bark Impression Mat for fondant. It let’s you replicate natural wood textures without detailed carving. Simply roll out your fondant thick enough for a realistic impression. Once applied to the cake, be sure to blend the seams with a fondant tool. Use the Tree Bark Mat with chocolate fondant as shown in this cake design from our Unlocking the Mysteries of Cakes for Men.

Bow on Bottom Layer Cake

To create a weathered-wood look, airbrush silver over chocolate fondant then let that dry. Use a pastry brush to dry brush Whitener Gel color over the outer bark.

Tree Bark Cake

Beautiful bark, made fast and easy:

Step 1: Roll out fondant to 3/16". Place impression mat face down and roll pin over mat with even pressure.

Roller on Bark Impression Mat

Step 2: Carefully lift off impression mat. Use a fondant cutter to cut out the piece of bark. 

Tree Bark Impression

Decorator Tina


Hi, I’m Tina. I caught the cake decorating bug early by helping my Mom. She wasn’t great at making roses, even Dad’s were better, so I kept practicing until I was the best rose maker in the family. Soon I started creating cakes for friends and family, and eventually worked as a cake decorator and Team Lead in Bakery at SuperTarget. Now I work at DecoPac as a cake decorator and designer supervisor, managing a team of cake decorators, designing cakes, and sharing tips in tutorial videos. I’m completely self-taught, and enjoy learning from other cake decorators.