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SMART: Tips for Graduation Success

SMART is an easy-to-remember acronym that outlines a great, five-step plan for graduation success. There’s no denying graduation is a crazy-busy time. But, with some preparation, organization and these SMART tips, you’re sure to enjoy the ride. Here are the keys to taking SMART action. 

SMART Steps for Graduation Cake Success for Cake Decorators

Social Media

Get customers excited about your bakery through Instagram and Yelp. Both make it easy to show off your cake designs and engage customers in two-way conversations.

Use Social Media to Showcase your Graduation Cake Designs for Cake Decorators

Instagram: Feature a healthy mix of different image types, and make followers feel special by replying back to their comments.
Shown: Grad Chalkboard PhotoCake® Image,
Star Grad Cupcake Rings

Use Social Media to Showcase your Graduation Cake Designs - Yelp for Cake Decorators

Yelp: Provide a quick way to contact you, showcase photos, and offer an incentive for customers to leave reviews of your business.


Create a Class of 2018 party vibe in your bakery with balloons, pennants and streamers. Display a personalized grad PhotoCake® on top of your cake case, and grad cupcakes and cookies in your bakery case. 


Get to know the Gen Z audience of 2018 graduates. Research suggests these digital natives process information at faster speeds. Load your graduation gallery onto digital tablets and allow customers to swipe through designs at their own pace.

n the Moment, New Aspirations, Celebrating Together & Preparing to Succeed

Top Gen Z Trends: In the Moment, New Aspirations, Celebrating Together & Preparing to Succeed


Decorations + Cake Formats + Personalization = A winning graduation season. Keep decoration supplies in stock, and think beyond the half-sheet with cupcakes, mini cakes and other formats. And, for post-worthy designs, PhotoCake® is your secret weapon. Use it for photos, personal mottos, and special themes.


Preparation fuels great results. But if you’re feeling a bit behind, catch up now by downloading our Graduation Prep Checklist. It will help you stay on track throughout the entire season and get you in better shape for next year. 

Graduation Checklist for Cake Decorators


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