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Dive In to the Magical World of Mermaid Cakes

Make room unicorns, mermaids are cutting a huge wake through the sea of pop culture trends. I've seen it all: hair color, make-up, blankets, toast. Right now, anything and everything is getting a mermaid make-over, including cake designs.

As a decorator, this next wave of mythical creature mania is a new platform for creativity and imagination. Yours and mine. And it doesn't have to be the whole mermaid. Just a hint of mermaid can make a big splash for birthdays and other celebrations.

Looking to get your mermaid on? Mastering the variegated bag technique will be your new best friend. Use it to create magical water with more
dimension. Even a basic border transforms into rolling ocean waves using this technique. If you've done your share of multicolored unicorn manes,
you're good to go. If not, here are some tips for avoiding a muddled mess:

  1. Fill 18" or 21" pastry bags, one for each color.
  2. Don't fill the bags too full or you'll end up twisting in the middle and blending the colors together–which you definitely don't want.
  3. Pile the icing filled pastry bags into another pastry bag. It can even be the same size bag.
  4. Make sure all of the bags get down to the opening. If one is stuck higher up in the bag, the color won't come out at all.
  5. Once the bags are in place, add your tip, practice, and start piping.

See how it’s done in our unicorn mane video.

Mermaid Cake Decorating Piping
Mermaid Pearls Cake Decoration

Use a pastry bag, candy pearls and non-pareils to master the look.

Now, let's get the party started! For birthday cakes, this variegated technique creates the perfect frothy surf for the Mystical Mermaid DecoSet® (now available!). Add extra dimension with a mixture of Non-Pareils and Candy Pearls that replicate shimmering bubbles coming up from the ocean. These "bubbles" are a great way to show off our new Mermaid Tail Wrap Cupcake Rings.

Although mermaids don’t have legs, the Mermaid trend definitely does. Check out these mermaid cake ideas for other celebrations.

Making a Bachelorette Splash

A mermaid diving into her drink is an awesome look for a bachelorette cake. For this design, combine the Shake It Up and Mermaid DecoSets then add cake lace as a nod to the bridal veil.

Mermaid Party Cake Decorations
Mermaid Party Cake Decorations

Mermaid Baby Cake Decoration
Mermaid Baby Cake Decoration

Mermaid Baby Cake Decoration

Whimsical Mermaid Wedding

Have a non-traditional bride looking for something truly unique? A whimsical mermaid wedding cake celebrates a free-spirited couple who've just taken the plunge into wedded bliss.

The mermaid craze is undeniable, so don’t just stand on the shore—jump in and start creating! 

Best Day Ever Cake Decoration
Mermaid Wedding Cake

Checkout more Creations DecoSets® inspirations here.

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Hey there, it's Angie. Designing birthday cakes is super fun for me because birthdays are a huge deal in my world. In fact, my boyfriend and I don't celebrate any other holidays. I’ve been decorating cakes for as long as I can remember. First with my Mom, who was big into cutting up sheet cakes into cool shapes and characters, and then in the pastry program at culinary school. I always wanted to work with food and make a living doing art, and that's exactly what I get to do every day as a cake designer and decorator at DecoPac.