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In order to have the best experience using PhotoCake IV, it’s necessary to meet the following technical requirements.



  • The PhotoCake® IV System should be operated in a clean, cool environment.


Power Source

  • All components use 115 VAC CO 60 Hz.
  • It is required that the PhotoCake® IV System be placed on its own dedicated electrical power source to prevent other appliances from interfering with its operation.
  • The system should be installed away from microwaves, refrigerators and ovens.

    Dimensions/Power Consumption:

    • Controller:
        Power Consumption: 57 watts
        Width: 13.125"
        Depth: 16.125" (18.125" with allowance for attaching cables
        Height: 4.0"
        Weight: 18.34 lbs
    • Touchscreen:
        Power Consumption: 15 watts
        Width: 10.0"
        Depth: 8.0"
        Height: 11.0"
        eight: 5 lbs
    • All-in-One Printer/Scanner:
        Power Consumption: Approx. 13 watts
        Width: 15.4"
        Depth: 20.8"
        Height: 11.0"
        Weight: 9 lbs