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In order to have the best experience using PhotoCake LIVE, it’s necessary to meet the following technical requirements.


  • • Cable connection to network switch

    •  DHCP Server

    • DNS Server

    • Static IP

    • Route to internet

  • Wi-Fi:

    • Wi-Fi Adapter

           o Provided by DecoPac

           o DHCP Server

           o DNS Server

           o Static IP

           o Route to internet

  • Required to Whitelist the Following:




    • TCP

    • port 873

    • TCP

    • port 6000

PhotoCake Print On Demand system uses PhotoCake Premium Edible Sheets, PhotoCake Frosting Sheets, Print-Ons® and PhotoCake Printables® that must be purchased from DecoPac. Edible media, ink cartridges and printer cleaning supplies for your PhotoCake system must be purchased from DecoPac in order to keep your warranty intact and to receive the world-class technical support.